Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Glow worms

I took a deep breath and stepped into the black. I clutched on to the rope beside me as we went down the steep staircase down to the stream. We were at Sixtus Lodge for a night and we were visiting the glow worm caves with Dave, my dads friend and his wife Kate and her aunt, Noleen. I clutched onto the rope even tighter as I felt my foot slip down a really steep step. I turned my headlight on and grabbed my mums hand to stop myself from falling. I carefully stepped down and ducked my head as we entered a tunnel of fern to get to the river.
I shone my headlight down so I wouldn't trip on the stones in the river. I stepped into the stream and water flooded my sneakers. We carried on until we reached it. The Cave!!! It was in the stream so I was prepared to get wet! When we stepped in Noleen signaled to turn our torches off and look up. The sight was extraordinary. The glow worms looked exactly like stars! My jaw dropped in amazement. We kept on moving and when we turned back we went under the waterfall! After that I was soaked head to toe! We even found some limestone! That was DEFINITELY the highlight of my holiday.